The App store currently consists of three sections, "Home", "My Apps" and "Developer".

Home: This is where all the apps available in the App Store are.

My Apps: Allows you to see which applications you are currently subscribing to.

Developer: From here you can upload your own applications to the app store.

There is also a searchbar to help you easily find the application you want. It is the icon on the far left of the top menu.

  • Upload application/add files: Click on "New Package" and select a title for the application. This will create a folder for your application, you will find what files are in this folder at the bottom of that page, just above the "Update" and "Delete" buttons. Once created, you will be automatically subscribed to the application.
  • Changing icon/adding images: The default icon for this application is the Multiplex logo. To change this click the big button with a plus sign on it and select icons and images to be displayed. You need to refresh the page to see these new images. Click on the image you want to be the new icon. You will get a larger view and the option to "Make Icon" or "Delete" the image. Clicking anywhere outside the image inside the app store will exit the large view.
  • Description: You can also add a description to what your app does and/or how it works.
  • Comment: You can also write a comment and/or like the application.

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