Introduction Edit

Welcome to the Multiplex developer sites!

Getting Started Edit

Lets get familiar with the developer tools before going into the programming section. To make getting started as smooth as possible, Multiplex ships with these tools installed. If you have removed them from your client, you can locate them in the app store. (Dev Tools by Multiplex)

Open the Dev Tools app, on the left side you should see the file browser. To keep your projects organized I recommend creating a new folder named "Workspace", and make a seperate folder for each new project inside your workspace folder.

Hello World Edit

Now it's time to start making your first Multiplex application!

We will begin smoothly with the traditional "Hello World" example.

Create a new file, "main.js", and open it by double clicking it. Fill in the following code:

function main(args){
System.std.out("Hello World!\n");
Now on the top menu, there should be a button named "Run", click this, and see the result in the console on the bottom of the application.

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