The Multiplex Shell Edit

The Multiplex shell application offers a variety of functionality.

History Edit

The Shell was originally developed as a tool to rapidly prototype kernel functionality, inspired by linux based shell systems, the Multiplex shell has similar syntax and functionality.

The first usage of the shell was file system navigation and editing, then package compilation and debugging. This functionality is now primarily replaced by Dev Tools and the graphical file browser. However it can still be accessed from the shell.

The shell function "tpkg" has the ability to compile packages. specify "-min" to apply optimization.

Usage Edit

Basic navigation is similar to unix shells. "ls" lists the current directory. "cd" changes the directory. "pwd" shows the path. You can similarily execute programs, and you can access PATH mapped aliases.

The shell features autocomplete, to trigger this, hit the tab key.

The shell also features a command history, access this with the up/down arrow keys.

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